Packing up all of your things to move?

Davenport is a small town, with its ideal location between Orlando and Tampa, it is a great place to live if you are looking for a small-town feel but still desire access to big-city conveniences. Homes in this fast-growing and most popular city are nestled among small farms and rustling trees, creating a peaceful setting. The Preakness Preserve is located just 1 mile east of US-17/92, which makes it easy to access daily necessities as well as shopping, dining, and entertainment. You will have plenty of choices for outdoor activities all year round because of the warm weather. If you live in Davenport Florida, you have the choice to pack up your family and go on an unforgettable Florida Beach Adventure! This city also has different fitness clubs, yoga locations, and well-equipped gyms that add to your fitness with affordable memberships.

Should you consider Davenport as a good option to move to?

Because of its close proximity to the Walt Disney World theme park, Davenport is a popular vacation spot in north-eastern Polk County. Despite being small, the town is expanding quickly.

The beautiful weather allows you to shop from store to store in outdoor malls like Posner Park Mall. You will see Local shopping plazas and malls everywhere in Davenport and also can benefit the easy access to popular stores like Publix, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Ross, Marshalls, Burlington, Michaels Crafts, and many more.

Looking for apartment movers in Davenport, Florida?

Infinite Moving is a full-service moving company that serves Davenport, Florida, and the surrounding area. Our residential movers have significant experience in navigating all types of moves helping you with everything from preparing for your transition to relocating your possessions and making your moving experience as stress-free as possible. Being a leading company in the business, we will handle all the details of getting you into your new apartment and out of apartment buildings of all sizes, we have got everything needed to make your move easier from beginning to end whether it is equipment or manpower.

We aim to provide ultimate peace of mind by full disassembly and reassembly, heavy lifting packing, loading, then unloading, unpacking, and setting your belongings to your specifications without hidden charges. We have a team that is well-trained, skilled, and adept at handling all kinds of commercial and residential moving services with expertise in quality and customer satisfaction as a high priority.

Maybe you have an expected or unexpected lag between point A and point B, we are prepared to tackle such type of situation because our mission is to make it more convenient for you with adequate space and strong security for your belongings. Infinite Moving lighten your load as well as offer fair pricing for storing items before, during, and after your move providing clean, secure storage with 24-hour monitoring and CCTV security. Our storage units have plenty of storage space to meet all kinds of storage needs big and small, in individually secured vaults whether short-term or long-term. Sometimes you think your new home is ready to move in, and suddenly something unexpected comes up it can throw a wrench into your entire relocation we simplify this type of situation with our full-service storage model.

To help you address unexpected obstacles we send a representative to do an in-person evaluation of your storage needs and determine how many storage bins you need then provide a written estimate and stick to that price. You don’t have to worry about anything your valuables will be safe in our fire and theft-protected, safe storage facilities while you ensure your new home or office is ready for move-in. We mitigate potential risks during storage in the climate-stabilized facility & high-tech security systems. The trained crew and experienced crew manager will not only pack and maintain your storage, but they will also help you rapidly retrieve items from your crates.

We proudly offer the following services;

  • Residential Moving
  • Home Movers
  • Labor Only
  • Packing services
  • Commercial Moving
  • Senior Moving
  • Delivery Services
  • Piano Moving
  • Hot Tub Moving
  • Art & Antique Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Apartment Moving
  • College Students Moving
  • Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly
  • Moving Labor
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Packing Supplies
  • Residential Relocation Services
  • Piano and Organ Moving
  • Specialty Moving
  • Safe moving
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Home Staging
  • Junk Removal
  • Long term storage
  • Short term storage

We pride ourselves on having a great reputation for providing the types of services that meet all your moving needs. Aside from 24-hour secure storage services we offer that same level of service for junk removal. Our professional movers are trained and equipped to handle both moves and junk removal efficiently. Our packing experts will bring all the materials depending on the size of your home or office you need to get your packing done. You won’t have to source these materials for packing we take boxes, scissors & extra caution to get everything packed up to properly secure and label all fragile items so they arrive safely without any breakage. Our experienced & skilled staff will handle your entire packing process from start to finish, and pack similar items together, keeping in mind how they will likely be unpacked and organized at the new place.

A Few of the Tips for Safe Packing and Moving

  • Use crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, or corrugated cardboard to prevent your fragile items from breaking.
  • Keep all toiletries and liquids that have the potential to spill separately from dry items.
  • To organize and transport your extra small jewelry like rings and earrings use a plastic pill case.
  • Consider keeping expensive jewelry, important document, and valuables with you, not on a moving truck.
  • To keep things safe from getting damaged or something is forgotten, don’t rush throwing things onto the moving truck.
  • Use small boxes for heavier items, make sure to mark each box clearly for where it goes i.e. kitchen, bedroom, and lounge.

For more detail about services & to schedule your free consultation, contact Infinite Moving at (863) 225-0050 or fill our online REQUEST A QUOTE form to receive an estimate for your move.