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Junk removal is a vital part of the cleaning process, focusing specifically on the task of disposal. A standard garbage can or local trash pickup service won’t just throw your junk away they’ll walk by, pick it up and drive off. They might even leave a few bags of trash behind, but that’s about it. What most moving companies offer is the ability to completely get rid of your belongings in a professional way. This eliminates the embarrassment of asking anyone to haul your junk away and ensures that no matter where you decide to move to in the future, your belongings are properly taken care of.

In addition to hiring a moving company that specializes in space junk removal, you should also be prepared to handle the job yourself. This may seem like an odd suggestion, considering the thousands of items you discard each day. However, it’s important to keep certain items separate from the trash. For example, it’s quite common to throw out furniture, dining room chairs, kitchen appliances, floor rugs and, worst of all, old bathroom tissue boxes. If you have an over-sized trashcan or inadequate space to store all of these items, then you’ll be able to eliminate the need for space junk disposal.

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The first part of moving your belongings to a new home is to do some serious Recycling! Decide whether or not you’re going to use cloth, plastic, or newspaper to pack up your belongings. You can often get away with using paper if you don’t have the weight or volume on hand to warrant storing large objects on the ground and don’t have to worry about taking apart individual items to recycle what you can’t recycle. Using recycle material instead of new materials will save you money and help the environment.

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Another option for getting rid of unwanted waste is to get a commercial waste management service. These companies will come in and immediately remove all of your trash and dispose of it correctly. Most companies are more than equipped to dispose of junk, but there are a few that won’t take it very seriously, will ask for too much money upfront, or refuse to take on large jobs. Before signing any contract with a removal company, do some research and find one that offers great customer service. It’s also a good idea to try to find removal services that use environmentally safe waste management practices. It’s best to try and get a company that works with a recycling center so they can properly separate recyclable materials from other non-recycleable materials.

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One more option for making sure you’re not contributing to the environmental problem of overpopulated landfills or the looming global warming crisis is Junk Removal Vending Machines. You can place your items in a large cardboard box, tie a piece of string around it, and then place this in the back of one of those cardboard boxes and leave it there for pick up by a waste management company. There are even companies out there that will pick up your items from your home and take them to the landfill yourself free of charge!

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Junk Removal companies have also created an effective way of recycling. Junk removal is now a business opportunity for many. Companies will come in, empty a vehicle, extract your items, and then recycle it for you. So, instead of throwing things in your yard, giving them to the local yard cleaning service, or selling them to your favorite thrift shop, you can donate your unwanted junk to a reputable junk removal service instead. This service uses state of the art equipment to break down your items and separate the recyclables from the non-recycled materials. They will then haul off your items to a recycling site.

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When you think of junk removal, one of the first things that pop into your head is a big blue truck that looks like something out of the movie, “E.T.” These trucks are called “job trucks” and they are the workhorses of junk removal services. If a company is hired to remove trash, they are usually given a certain number of days to remove all the unwanted trash or they are charged with overtime. Usually the job is small and not very demanding, but companies that work in such large demolition jobs appreciate a few extra days of rest between assignments.

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If you ever need some help with your next project, you can call up your local construction crew and ask them if they are interested in carrying out some work for you. Construction workers have been known to donate their old tools to schools and other charity groups when they are done with their jobs. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and it really never costs them anything except a little bit of time. So the next time you are feeling stressed out because you don’t know what to do with all the trash that’s been sitting around your home or that you can’t find the broken down bike that needs a new rider, think about recycling and junk removal.

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