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Refrigerator Moving An appliance is something that you may use almost every day of your life. And there are several instances where you will want to move it from one place to another, like when you have a party at your house, or when you want to transfer it from a garage to your new house. For this reason, it is important for you to know how to move a refrigerator.

This article provides information on how to move a refrigerator safely. First, you have to know that it is not an easy task. Moving a refrigerator consists of several steps. You have to make sure that it is unplugged and free from damage, unplugged appliances from the back of the refrigerator, and remove all the contents of the refrigerator before moving.

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Before actually starting the process, turn off the power to the refrigerator and unplug it from the main power source. Then, you have to remove all the doors and glass from the refrigerator so that you can get inside easily. Then, remove the two doors at the top of the refrigerator. The contents should be on top of the refrigerator in a bucket or container that has enough room temperature.

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The second step on how to move a refrigerator is to empty the contents of the bucket or container to avoid any damage to the inside of the appliance. After that, you have to place the contents of the bucket in a plastic trash bag. In step three, place the intact door of the appliance on the trash bag, close the trash bag, and tape the bottom part of the appliance so that it does not move. You should then secure the appliance to the trash bag. The last step in the process is to place a piece of cardboard on the bottom of the refrigerator to avoid any damage to the appliance while you are carrying it to the new location.

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Nowadays, there are lots of professional movers who can help you with the process of how to move a refrigerator. If you would rather hire professional movers, your only two options are to go around looking for them yourself or to contact a relocation service. Some people prefer hiring relocation services because they save time and energy searching for local movers by taking the advantage of their expertise. They also provide several other services such as packing, loading and unloading the appliance and arranging the delivery of the moving containers. Some companies also provide insurance coverage for the damages and repair of appliances if they are damaged during transport.

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When hiring movers, make sure that you choose reliable professionals who have experience in providing the services needed to move a fridge. Check if the company is insured for the property damage and any personal injury related to the mover’s negligence. Professional movers also ensure that they use high-quality moving equipment and materials, which are specifically designed to reduce the risk of damage to kitchen appliances. Moving a refrigerator involves a lot of specialized steps so the most proper and safe transportation is achieved with the help of the experts. Movers will need to know how to handle the appliances safely because some models can be quite delicate.

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It is advisable to remove the ice from the refrigerator and turn on the defrost function. Before moving the fridge, test the condition of the doors and the refrigerant levels to ensure that there will be no damage during the move. Most of these appliances are relatively sturdy and durable so they do not require much effort when they get transferred from the old place to the new place.

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The process of moving an upright fridge usually takes about two hours or more. However, this depends mostly on how big the appliance is. A medium sized fridge usually takes about two hours, while a large one may take more than four hours. To make the process easier, the professionals use trucks equipped with two large compressor trucks, one fitted with the lift cylinder and the other with a forklift.

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