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Whether you are moving a refrigerator or other appliance that needs to be moved, it is important to follow the steps carefully. It can save you a lot of money and time if you have a plan. This article gives information on how to move a refrigerator, including:

In order to move a refrigerator you will need two helpers. One helper will be carrying the moving dolly; the other will be using the refrigerator’s straps to hold the appliance dolly in place. Both helpers should wear sturdy, break-resistant gloves so they can protect their hands from cuts and scrapes, which can occur during the move.

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Many moving companies provide refrigerator movers. Call the movers that you are considering to make sure that they are experienced and will be able to safely move your refrigerator. There are some common safety tips to follow for moving appliances. Some of them include:

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If you have already purchased a large enough refrigerator then you may not need additional help. However, refrigerators are heavy so if you have purchased an oversized one you should still call on movers. One of the best ways to move an appliance is to use a hydraulic lift. The first step to moving a refrigerator with this method is to remove all the doors and furniture sliders.

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In addition to the traditional methods of moving appliances, refrigerator moving experts also use specialized equipment to move larger items such as freezers and washing machines. The goal of most movers is to reduce property damage, which can result from inefficient moving. A professional company knows how to move a refrigerator or other large appliance properly and reduces property damage.

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While it’s possible to move an appliance by yourself, you could increase damage to your new home if you don’t follow the proper safety precautions. Refrigerator movers will know how to move an appliance safely, which means that you don’t risk breaking your appliances, hurting yourself or other people and causing additional property damage. It’s always better to hire professionals to help you with the move of an expensive kitchen appliance.

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Once the appliance is in the new place, it must be turned on to defrost it. Most people don’t understand that the coils in the back of the fridge need to be defrosted before it will work properly. Leaving the back door open while the defrosting process takes place is extremely dangerous. Movers will know how to do this in a professional manner, and it won’t be a dangerous situation. Leaving the fridge door open and unattended is an invitation to frost build up around the edges of the fridge. It will not only pose health risks, but it could also cause the entire refrigerator to collapse.

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Refrigerator moving experts can also offer tips on how to store your fridge when it’s on the move. Most of these appliances have hooks on the top that will allow them to hang from the ceiling or other furniture like sofas. However, if there isn’t any way for you to hang the appliance from the ceiling or furniture, the professionals at the moving company you hired can wrap the appliance in heavy-duty freezer paper to keep it safe. Once it’s wrapped, the appliance will be cooled down to room temperature before being put in storage. Refrigerator manufacturers even recommend using heavy-duty plastic and aluminum foil to wrap refrigerators as they will prevent damage to the walls and cabinets.

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