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Moving a refrigerator is no small task. The refrigerator is one of the most expensive items in the kitchen and you do not want to mess up moving it or make the situation worse by making a mistake in moving it that could cause damage. You need to make sure that the movers you use are licensed and have proper insurance coverage. Also, be prepared with a moving checklist so you can make sure that the movers are doing a good job.

A moving checklist should contain several items that you should research before hiring refrigerator moving professionals. The first thing on your checklist should be whether or not the company offers a free estimate. This will help you to know how much the refrigerator will cost to move. Some movers offer estimates over the phone, while others may require a visit to the office.

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The first step in refrigerator moving involves preparing all the rooms. Most appliances are installed on walls, so make sure that all doors and hallways along the walls are open for the movers. There should be no obstacles that could slow down or stop the movers from being able to move the appliance. Another important thing to consider is the room’s dimensions. It is important to have a plan on how to transport it to the new location.

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The second step in moving a refrigerator involves measuring all the supplies and material needed as well as the tools and supplies needed. It is very important that the movers have a good idea of how many shelves need to be moved. In many cases, the refrigerator is quite large and will require several people to properly move it. A good way to estimate how many shelves need to be moved is to use measuring tape.

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The third step on how to move a refrigerator is carefully unloading the appliance dolly. This dolly is used to help move the refrigerator from one floor to another. Before beginning, it is important to be sure that the dolly is not filled with water or any other liquid because it could cause damage to the walls or even cause a leak. Using a level place it on the ground by pushing the bottom side up slightly.

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The fourth step in refrigerator moving is preparing the property damage. All of the appliances moving parts will need to be accounted for. If there is any visible damage, this will need to be cleaned up. It is also important to remove any food items that may be damaged or rotting. This should be taken care of before moving the appliance back into the home. Cleaning up any visible property damage will help reduce the amount of property damage.

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The last step on how to move a refrigerator involves positioning the dolly between the moving truck and the property. The dolly should be positioned so that the compressor and motor are off to the right and left of the moving truck. This allows for easier access to all of the moving parts and prevent damage. Once the dolly is in place, the dolly should be secured. Most movers will provide assistance with dolly positioning, but if the movers do not have enough experience or equipment to move the appliance safely, it is possible to rent a dolly for this job.

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In conclusion, movers can help with the process of how to move a refrigerator. The first step is to plan the move properly and take precautions to protect all contents. After the move is completed, it is important to use protective blankets around the appliance to prevent any spills or leaks. Movers will be able to provide detailed information on how to pack various appliances as well as complete the packing.

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