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Refrigerator moving can be a big job and requires a lot of work. Moving your refrigerator requires special equipment, safety precautions and the knowledge to move it safely. A professional Refrigerator moving company has all the necessary tools to make this move a safe experience as well as the expertise to know how to move a refrigerator safely. They are fully equipped with the moving equipment to do a proper job as well as training in safety. If you need to move a refrigerator, let the professionals take care of it for you and rest easy that they have the knowledge and experience needed to move it without damaging it or worse yet putting your family at risk.

Refrigerator moving should be left to the professionals who know how to move a refrigerator safely. When you decide to move your refrigerator from one location to another, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. There may be damage to the unit itself as well as any property that are on the property. When the refrigerator is moved it will need to be emptied of all contents and hoses as well as weights to ensure the proper weight limit is not exceeded when the new home is filled with appliances.

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Refrigerator movers have all the necessary moving equipment to get the job done safely and without incident. The refrigerator’s weight should not exceed more than 50 pounds. Also, any and all refrigeration racks or shelving must be taken off the unit before the movers begin the Refrigerator moving task without professional assistance. It is extremely dangerous to allow the racks or shelving to remain attached to the appliance. If the racks or shelving should become damaged during the move, or even if there is no damage to the unit, the movers have the experience to repair or replace everything.

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The refrigeration unit weighs a great deal. There are many factors to consider when weighing the potential damage to the unit and the potential property damage if the unit were to break down. The movers are experienced at thinking about all the possibilities when it comes to the potential property damage resulting from the move. Refrigerator moving companies are very careful not to over extend the life of the appliance or to cause any type of damage whatsoever to it. Movers are required by law to protect consumers from property damage due to negligence or improper moving techniques or equipment.

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Probably the most important step in how to move a refrigerator is to make sure that all cords are properly disconnected before the dolly is moved. This step cannot be overlooked. Otherwise, a power surge could occur which could result in an explosion, an electric shock, or both. All power cords should be disconnected and the dolly raised to a reasonable height for the Refrigerator Moving procedure.

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Next, the doors on the refrigerator will need to be removed. Refrigerator doors can be fragile and will damage during the move. Some refrigerators have locks on the doors, while others are simply opened up and shut. Having the doors removed is also a good way to clean the Refrigerator and take off any dust or debris that might end up inside.

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Moving next to the wheels, a strong piece of rope should be attached to them, with the rope being tied from the rear of the refrigerator to the outside. This rope should be able to handle the weight of the refrigerator being moved, including the compressor. The Refrigerator will then need to be lifted up off the ground and moved onto the dolly. Wheels are now positioned on the dolly, with the outside edges of the wheels facing down. The Refrigerator will now be free of any attachments and the dolly will need to be slid under the fridge to remove it.

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One thing to keep in mind about moving refrigerators is that they are not as strong as they appear. It is always best to ask a professional moving company to do the move of your appliances. This way all of the moving parts are well taken care of, and the moving company can leave it up to them how to secure the appliance. They will know if the Fridge needs to be bolted down, if it needs to be tilted, or where the screws need to be drilled. All moving services will have a lot of experience in handling these kinds of jobs.

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