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We at Infinite Moving do our own recruiting, training & hiring. We do not acquire employees through temporary agencies. Our crews receive a bonus for all referrals which result from the moves they’ve completed.

Our crews are therefore more motivated to do a superior job because they understand that doing so will result in cash bonuses & guaranteed future employment from referrals and past customers.

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Customer Service is our Specialty
Specialized Service
We deal with only one customer at a time; no sub-contracting to other carriers; no delivery delays resulting from mixing loads with other Customers’ goods. (The same crew that loads your goods will deliver them in the same truck without making any stops along the way).

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Service in MSanford Orange County and Beyond
We have offices in Central and Northern MSanford Orange County. We provide moving and storage services throughout all of MSanford Orange County and beyond. Even if you don’t live near one of the offices on the map, we can come to you!

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Moving Near or Far, You Can Trust MSanford Movers
We have over 28 years of experience moving clients in to, out of and around MSanford Orange County. We move out of state and across the Country too!

Local MSanford Movers
MSanford Movers was born and raised in MSanford Orange County and we know our home turf well. We are a Family Owned and Operated Company that has been providing dependable and quality Moving, Packing, and Storage Services throughout MSanford Orange County since 1986.

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Long Distance Moves
Infinite Moving offers the most unique pricing in the industry on our out-of-state moves. While most companies estimate your job based on the weight, the bulk of our charges are based on one-way mileage from your current home to your new home, resulting in extremely accurate quotes. We also offer a very exclusive service.

Our policy is one Customer per moving van. No mixed loads; no stopping to pick up or deliver other shipments, and no sub-contracting to other carriers. We take your goods in the same truck, with the same moving crew, directly to your new home. We will tell you what day and at what time you can expect your delivery.