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When you’re moving home long distance there are many options available to you. You can find full service moving companies, or you can use a moving company that offers short term and temporary storage options. Depending on how long you plan to be away from home, the type of storage or temporary solutions you need will vary. The good news is there are many moving and storage companies in all areas of the country.

Many Movers Today offer nationwide movers services. They have large, well-stocked moving vans and are ready to take your belongings any place you wish. They have flexible moving plans so you can choose how long you’ll be away or if you need to bring your own equipment. They also provide extra storage space if you need it, so there’s no need to leave out the house. In addition, Mayflower moving company is an American Moving and Storage pioneer.

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Short Term Storage Services Moving and storage isn’t the only services offered by moving container companies. They also offer mobile storage units for rent to store your items while you’re moving. Mobile storage containers are available in any size and can even be stored on your property. For those who need the temporary storage but don’t want to spend the money on movers, there is a mobile moving container company that can provide the same moving services with more convenience.

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Mini Storage Services Mayflower moving container options offer short term and mini storage services to fit just about anyone’s needs. Long distance moves often mean going mini. These storage containers are perfect for packing up your stuff and putting it in a secure location until your move. For people who are moving from town to town or who live in small apartments, mini-storage facilities are ideal. You can store your belongings for a long period of time before your long distance move, then simply load them into your moving truck and drive away.

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Weatherproof Containers Some moving and storage companies have weatherproof containers specifically designed for certain weather conditions. Whether your move will take place in cold or warm weather, there is a moving container size that’s able to withstand the heat or cold weather. If you live in an area where snow is common during the winter, look for a moving and storage company that has long distance moving container sizes that are able to withstand the weight of snow. This way, you won’t have to hire more people to help with the move. Instead, you can be confident that your belongings are protected from the elements.

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Smartbox Services You don’t have to hire a professional moving company to provide you with storage and moving services. Instead, you can invest in one of the many moving containers available. Smartbox containers are designed to meet your specific moving needs so that you can focus on your belongings, and not on how your boxes are transported from point A to point B.

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How Much Does it Cost? Moving and storage services come in several different price ranges. Depending on your belongings, their contents and the distance you need to travel, you can expect to pay several different fees. There are flat rate fees, as well as hourly or mileage based rates.

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Find Movers’ Experts In hiring moving and storage service movers, you should choose a company with several years of experience. Moving companies should be able to offer references that will let you know their level of expertise. Contact a moving company by phone or online to find out more about their rates and services. Get in touch with a moving company that offers free moving estimates. This will help you compare the costs of moving and storage with other movers.