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Many people have a hard time moving heavy furniture. Not because they are weak or can’t move it, but because they don’t know what to do. The first thing you should do before attempting to move heavy furniture is to learn all about the moving process. Do some research on the different types of equipment available so you’ll know which one is best for your needs. Then read some articles on the different things you need to know before and during the move.

If you’re nervous about tackling large furniture, call up a few local movers first. Ask if they would be able to help with your furniture. Some local movers can offer just about any type of moving service you need. Ask if they’re familiar with using dollies and pallets for moving heavy furniture. Find out how long it will take from start to finish for your move. Make sure the moving company has experience moving your furniture in such a way that will protect it.

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If you’re moving from another home, talk to your local movers about what kind of packing you should do. Pack items according to the weight of each item, especially if they are bulky. Label everything with its size so you’ll know where to find something. Be sure to remove items from cardboard boxes or wrapping paper before the moving truck arrives.

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Heavy furniture needs special handling. Make sure the moving company you choose uses dollies and pallets for moving the furniture instead of regular moving containers. It’s much safer than trying to use regular box trucks and furniture lifts. They’ll also ensure your items are properly cushioned.

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The dollies will support the whole load while the trucks maneuver it around. This way you avoid wasting energy and time hauling the furniture around by hand. The dollies are also important for moving very heavy furniture, like couches and recliners. If you have an extra room in your house that you don’t use, consider moving some of your heavy furniture into it before the move. That way you won’t have to pay to have it delivered.

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Don’t use regular box trucks or furniture lifts for transporting heavy furniture. Move it with dollies. That way you can ensure your things are properly supported and the overall process goes much more smoothly. A move can be frustrating, but with careful planning you can make the experience much easier.

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As your furniture is being moved, ask yourself: is there a place for my furniture to go without getting damaged? Keep in mind that lighter furniture tends to move less quickly; therefore, it will take more time to move everything than heavier furniture. Use dollies to help protect your furniture.

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Have everything preplanned before you move day. This way you won’t be so stressed when the last minute details come into play. It’s a good idea to review your packing list and include any items you’ll need to bring with you to the local movers. Local movers are experienced at what they do and can be ready before you are. They’ll be able to move your furniture as quickly as possible, without any damage, to get it to you safely.