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Moving a Gun Safe is never fun. Even with all of the moving tips in this article guns can be hard to pack up. If you have a gun safe, or are considering getting one, it is best to know what steps to take when moving it. Moving a gun safe does not have to be complicated, there are ways to make the process easier. The key is to plan ahead, know your limitations, and prepare yourself for the outcome. The procedure takes some special equipment and expertise but will work well for most any safe electronic lock gun safe.

How To Move a Gun Safe The first step is to remember that a gun safe needs to be moved rather than lifted with a dolly, thus taking more caution than usual. Remember too that most gun safes do not open from the top, so proper planning is important. Always remember to leave enough room for movement, and know which side is up first. The professionals at your local moving company can usually help with this. Next you should know exactly how you want to move your gun safe and have a plan of attack.

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There are a number of different ways to move gun safes, and not all involve using specialized equipment. One of the least difficult is to use the services of a professional movers, who will take care of the entire process while you keep an eye on the progress. Most gun safe moving companies use specialized equipment that hoists the safe and securely crushes it into smaller pieces. This method is often preferable for larger safe or longer distance, as using the hoist makes the whole process faster, especially if more than one person is tagging along.

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Professional movers are also used when moving gun safes that are over a longer distance. If you don’t have anyone handy with this kind of move, there are a number of other options, including renting a truck and making the move yourself. Most professional moving companies will offer this option, as many people have guns for sale and would rather not damage them in any way. There are a few precautions you should be aware of before hiring a professional mover, though. Moving gun safe equipment, such as moving boxes and cases, are not the same as moving household furniture.

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While you should use a professional moving company, you should also not trust just any moving company. It’s important to choose one with a good reputation and plenty of reviews. You can also do a little research online to see what other people have said about different moving companies, and find out whether or not you will be able to work with them. As always, you should only trust a professional if they offer you a warranty and guarantee their work.

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You should also ask a moving company how long it will take to move the gun safe to your new home. Many companies will tell you it will be quick, while others will tell you it will take longer. It’s important to know how long a move will take, because this will impact how much you are willing to spend. If the moving company takes too long, it could cost more money, or even mean you’ll have to rent some storage space for the time you’re without your gun safe.

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Moving a gun safe involves using site protection equipment to protect the items. This equipment should be used in conjunction with packing, because it will make the entire process much easier. One of the best things about using site protection is that it protects from falling heavy items, such as furniture, and also from breaking items. A heavy item breaking on your safe could cause serious damage, so using site protection equipment on your safe is vital when moving heavy items.

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Other gun safe moving tips include ensuring that the safe you pick is the heaviest duty you can find. If you’re using an older gun, you might need to find a gun safe that’s specifically designed to be used with older firearms. Guns can get very heavy after some time, and you don’t want to risk having it break in the middle of a move. It’s also important to keep a sharpener handy, so you can quickly repair broken safes. By following these tips, you should have an experience carrying your gun safely and easily through any type of moving situation.

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