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Moving your refrigerator is not as hard as you think. If you have the proper tools, the entire moving process will go smoothly. Moving your refrigerator is not like remodeling or building a new home – unless you have a professional moving company with years of experience moving fridges. There are some important things you should keep in mind when you’re moving a refrigerator. A Refrigerator Moving checklist can help make sure your refrigerator arrives in good shape.

First, understand the moving process for your refrigerator and what you need to do in order to ensure that it is safely removed from your current location. Refrigerator moving companies offer moving estimates on a standard rate. This includes the compressor, transfer vehicle, and all the boxes.

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In addition, refrigerators are very heavy. Unless the movers have a special truck that has been specially outfitted for moving appliances, they will charge you an extra fee for lifting it by a long rope. They will also charge you an additional fee for putting the appliance in a rear-end loading truck instead of in front of the door. So, the refrigerator moving task without professional assistance is a long one. But don’t let that deter you!

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The first step is to determine whether your appliance needs to be delivered to the warehouse. You can contact the customer service number on the appliance and ask for a quote. Most appliance manufacturers and/or moving companies offer free estimates on the type of steps you need to take in order to properly move the appliance. However, you’ll need to provide them with your appliance information so they can quote an estimate based on your appliances’ dimensions and other relevant information.

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Once you’ve determined if your refrigerator moving needs to be accomplished by yourself or by movers, you should find out how to properly move the appliance from place to place. Appliances are mostly unbreakable. There are, however, a few damage points when moving heavy items such as appliances. First, you must ensure the door is not damaged by any objects being kicked in it. Movers will generally toss breakable objects (such as drywall) into the back of the appliance trailer in order to properly secure the door in place. If a door is severely damaged, the movers will generally tear the door off the frame before packing it in the moving truck.

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Second, while your refrigerator moving on its own is unlikely to cause any damage to the appliance, this kind of move requires extra care. Always defrost your refrigerator as soon as you can after it has been unpacked. After defrosting, you must thoroughly clean and dry it before re-packaging it. If you leave defrosting for more than two hours, you run the risk of overheating the refrigerator, possibly damaging the delicate interior components.

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The third risk involved when moving a refrigerator is the moving straps. Movers do not like having to hold the refrigerator up by its moving straps. By the time the movers get to the back of the appliance, the moving straps are often entangled with the moving walls and wiring of the refrigerator. Even when the movers know exactly where the moving straps are, the coils on the moving walls can catch on the straps’ little clips and pop free of the clamps. This is an easy way for the refrigerator to come tumbling down the stairs or your floor.

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The best move for most refrigerators is a vertical move. This eliminates the moving straps, hangs, or clips that can potentially damage your refrigerator. A vertical move is also easier on the moving walls, ceilings, and wiring of upright refrigerators. Your only defense is to make sure you have the appropriate braces on your floor to secure your refrigerator to the floor.

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