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Moving and storage is a common need for all types of individuals, regardless of the size of their family or the amount of things they store. For some families, moving can be an elaborate process that takes weeks to complete. For other families, moving just requires them to schedule it, pack up their stuff and get on the road in no time at all. Regardless of the size of the move, most individuals find that it’s easier to take care of the moving company rather than handle all elements of the move on their own. Here are a few common ways moving companies help people.

Store your belongings – Many moving companies offer the option to store your belongings while they do the move for you. This ensures that everything is ready when you arrive at your new house and that you’ll have less stress about having to look through boxes and items once you get to your new home. While this service isn’t always free, many moving companies offer a flat rate for storing your belongings. You should ask if there are fees involved before hiring a moving company to store your belongings. Be sure to check the policy for your home as well, as some policies are specific to local moving companies and some are not.

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Move your belongings – Moving companies have the experience and manpower to pack everything for you. If you’re only moving a few boxes, you might want to consider using a moving company to help you with the packing. Many moving companies provide this service, so make sure to ask them about it when you’re shopping around. Many movers specialize in moving smaller items such as books and furniture. If you have larger items such as appliances, furniture or electronic equipment, you may need to call around and get estimates from several moving companies. It’s a good idea to compare different moving prices and services before making your decision.

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Move your items – Once you’ve decided on a moving company, the next step is to actually move your things into storage. Many moving companies will provide moving trucks to transport your belongings for free. Just be sure to let them know exactly where you want the truck delivered to. Some moving companies may charge an additional fee to drive the truck to your home or business. Check with your moving company if they offer this option.

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Storing your belongings – When your belongings do go into storage, it’s important that you keep them properly organized. Start by labeling every box or container so you know where each item is. Keep in mind that moving companies do not handle breakable or fragile items, so make sure that you have those in your storage unit. Consider renting a storage unit if you have a limited amount of space. This will save you money in the long run.

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Check your items before you leave – Moving companies do not take the time to break down your belongings before they load them onto the moving truck. Don’t expect them to search your entire home, so it’s best that you be prepared to locate everything. Bring along packing tape to label every box and let everyone know where you have placed each item. Do not pack your boxes too tightly, as this will delay the move. Also, be careful not to overload your moving truck with items, as this could cause damage to the vehicle.

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Ask for packing assistance – If you are having moving company provide you with packing assistance, consider asking whether they offer this service. Many moving companies will have special trucks designed for moving and storage, or even a storage facility of some kind. If your insurance covers storage, then this could be a great deal for you. If not, you can save quite a bit by doing this on your own.

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What to do with the belongings once they are in storage? How much extra space do you have left? Are you able to store all of your belongings in one room? The majority of moving companies do offer to unpack at their facility. This is a great way to make use of the extra space. Ask for details as to what you can do with the extra materials that your moving company left behind, and how long you have before the movers arrive.