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There are many moving tips on the Internet about gun safety. Many gun owners recommend against carrying a gun when moving, for obvious reasons. Yet, a gun safe can be just as strong as any moving device you may use to transport items. Here are some of the best moving tips for gun safes:

Always have licensed, trained personnel perform all move types. This is one of the best gun safe moving tips out there. The safe must be carefully inspected, disassembled and put together again – just as with any fragile moving device. The process takes some special equipment and expertise but will work perfectly for all gun safe moves. If you need help, always recommend that you leave the moving to the pros, but if you feel that you have to do it on your own, make sure that you move your gun safe in the right direction.

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Only move the safe up and down stairways. When you decide to take the gun’s contents with you in the storage unit, never take the safe up and down stairs. The last thing you want is someone unscrewing the spring clips that hold the gun’s bullets in place or some other “explosive” activity. This could cause some serious damage to both the safe and you!

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A gun safe can be safely carried inside a vehicle but not if the carrier is driving! Moving the safe in a moving truck requires special considerations. Never let the gun safe ride in the back of a moving truck. It could very well be shot at by the truck’s driver or some other third party. A professional moving company will never attempt to shoot a gun at a moving truck.

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Professional moving companies are not likely to use anything that might damage the gun safe, or the contents inside. They are also unlikely to use any kind of oil or lubricant in any part of the moving process. (You should never clean your moving company’s moving truck, even if it’s just to wipe away grease! Oil can cause scratches and damages that can be far worse than just dirt!) Moving companies use special equipment to move guns safely and securely. Here are a few things to consider about the safety of gun safe transportation:

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* The safest way to transport guns safely is by using a professional mover. Ask questions about how the gun safe will be shipped and where the guns will be kept. Ask about padded compartments that can be accessed while the items are being moved. If you are not asked any questions, do not ship the gun with your other objects. A professional mover may be able to help you choose an appropriate location for storing the gun safely during the move. You should never allow a professional mover to make the decision for you about how and where you want to ship your guns.

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* Ask friends or family members for references of places that they have already used to ship their guns. You can call their references and ask them what they did to ship their items. The worst thing you can do is choose a bad gun safe moving company. You will end up paying extra money and your guns may not arrive in the new place.

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* There are many different moving companies out there who make use of specialized dollies to transport large and fragile items. It may take some time to find a moving company that uses dollies, but it is possible to find one. Dollies are specially designed to fit securely between vehicles so that the items inside do not get jostled around. Your gun safes may need a larger dolly than usual to ensure that they fit properly.

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