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Moving a refrigerator is one of the most challenging moving jobs that most people would rather not do. Refrigerators are just big and heavy, plus they have a tendency to be very expensive, especially if you need to get them professionally installed. So what can you do if you’re moving a refrigerator? Do you simply push it right into the new house or should you use some help? The good news is that refrigerators can be easily moved if you know what to do and how to do it correctly by hiring the right moving company.

When it comes to moving fridges, you firstly need to know what kind of refrigerator you have. There are three different kinds of refrigerators: bottom freezer, top freezer and furniture sliders. As far as moving types go, bottom freezer moves easier because you don’t need to use any special tools, you don’t need to position it correctly and there aren’t any fragile parts to deal with. If you’ve got a top freezer, the same rule applies – you don’t even need to use a dolly! You can just lift it up and push it right into the place. Furniture sliders are another story though – these appliances are very heavy and you need to make sure you have proper manpower to move them.

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So how should you proceed with refrigerator moving if you have either a top or bottom freezer? The best way to move a fridges is to use the services of a professional moving company. These guys are trained experts that can easily move almost any appliance in your house. Depending on their experience, they might be able to move both types of fridges. If you’re moving a bottom freezer, make sure that the company you choose uses dollies so that your property doesn’t get damaged. Also, make sure that your new home has a garage or a shed where the movers can tie up the refrigerator.

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Refrigerator moving also requires you to use the right tools. This includes a jack, crane, disconnecting valve, crane bar, dolly, and compressor. The jacks can be either powered or manual ones. The best ones are powered because they are strong enough to bear the weight of a refrigerator. On the other hand, manual ones are more practical when you need to do the move on your own.

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For people with a top freezer, the refrigerators can’t be moved by yourself without professional assistance. If you plan to do the entire refrigerator moving task without the help of movers, you need to make sure that you invest in a good quality truck that is well equipped with dollies. The trucks come with different features, so you need to check out all the features and pick one that suits your needs. It would be really helpful if you read some reviews about the trucks to learn more about their efficiency and safety features.

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A fridge moving dolly is an important part of the process. You need to ensure that you invest in a durable and reliable dolly because damage to the appliance itself could cause serious damage to your precious belongings. You should know how to move a refrigerator using a rubber wheels because damage to the wheels may result in your contents getting damaged.

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One of the most essential things that you need to do before moving is packing. Beforehand you should request for some tips from movers. They will give you valuable advice on how to pack your items. If you are hiring a professional moving company, they will definitely provide you with useful packing information. Keep in mind that damage to your appliances can happen even during the moving process so you need to be extra careful on how to pack your belongings.

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Once you have picked a professional moving company, you can ask them about the details on how to move a refrigerator. It is always a good idea to ask your mover about the dollies since this accessory is used for protecting your appliances. You should know how to move a refrigerator using a dolly because the dolly is an important component in saving your valuable appliances. Now that you have read this article, you should know how to move a refrigerator.

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