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Refrigerator moving is an involved process. If you are one of those people who own a large and powerful refrigerator, then it will take more than just one person to move it. Moving a large appliance such as this can pose serious problems and complications that can cause damage and injuries. It is therefore best to hire the services of professionals when you need to move your refrigerator from one place to another. Here are some things that you should consider when hiring moving truck and refrigerators experts.

The very first thing to consider is the safety of all the people in the area when the refrigerator moves. Professional movers will provide you with moving equipment that makes it easier for them to transport the large appliance because they know how to move it safely. For heavy items such as refrigerators, there are special equipment used by the movers. You can ask your friends and relatives if they would be willing to help or you can go online to search for companies offering help with heavy items. This should be the first step on your moving checklist.

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The second thing that you should consider on moving day is property damage. Refrigerator moving can cause major damages such as breakage and leakage because of the appliance’s size. Before the movers leave your property, they will be measuring the distance between the floor and the wall so they know how much space they will need to maneuver. For this reason, refrigerators should be moved using at least two persons.

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The third thing to consider is packing. Before the movers get to your home, they will pack all of your important appliances in cardboard boxes. Refrigerator moving also requires proper packing because you cannot ensure that all of your fragile and heavy belongings are transported properly. Proper packing will make it easier for you to return all of your items safely to your previous location.

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One more precaution to take is to secure all of your valuable belongings to prevent them from being damaged during transportation. A good way to secure your valuable items is by using ratchet straps. These ratchet straps should be installed before the movers bring your refrigerator into the warehouse. Ratchet straps should be fastened at the bottom of the fridge shelves so they cannot be pulled out easily. If they are not fastened properly, they can rip off the sides of the shelves and damage your valuable appliances.

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Once the movers bring your refrigerator into the warehouse, they will install the ratchet straps as well as tighten them. Then, the movers will place the appliance on the floor of the conveyor. Now that the appliance is on the floor, the movers will slowly raise the appliance to its upright position. Since the appliance will be raised in an upright position, the shelves located on either side of the appliance must be kept parallel with the sides of the appliance.

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The third step to take is to lock the dolly underneath the refrigerator. You must ensure that the dolly is firmly locked so that the shelf can’t be damaged by falling objects or by someone trying to push the refrigerator up against a wall. Once the dolly is secured underneath the refrigerator, the movers will remove the old refrigerator and put the new one on the dolly. The movers will secure the dolly to the floor with straps attached to the sides of the refrigerator.

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Once the movers have successfully placed all your appliances on the dolly, they will unload it. They will then lift the entire refrigerator to its new place. The movers will then unhook and reset the springs. When it is time to hook up the refrigerant, the coils on the bottom of the refrigerator will be connected to the new coils on the dolly. This will ensure that the fridge will come to the upright position easily.

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