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Moving your refrigerator isn’t exactly like moving your house. For one thing, your refrigerator (the appliance that holds all of your groceries and beverages) isn’t actually sitting on the ground floor, but on a level that’s almost three or four feet off the ground. Moving appliances such as this is known as “leveling the refrigerator” and is a job best done by trained professionals who have the correct equipment to make sure everything fits as it should.

Refrigerator moving isn’t just about convenience – it’s also important for safety. Refrigerators are essentially considered to be the center of the home, so it’s important that you don’t damage it during the move. Damage to a refrigerator while moving can result in severe property damage, injuring you, your friends, family members and pets. Here are some tips on how to move a refrigerator safely:

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Refrigerator Moves Tips Refrigerator moving should start with you removing the food from the refrigerator. If the container is large, be sure to remove all of the food from the compartment, then set it aside until you’re ready to unload it. If you have a smaller appliance, be sure to leave at least some of the contents of the fridge intact before moving it. If possible, double wrap the food in plastic, so that it doesn’t rot while moving. This will help keep you from needing to purchase a new refrigerator after the move. The compressor on the appliance can be opened a few inches from the bottom, then frozen until you’re ready to use it again.

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Refrigerator Moving Checklist Moving your appliances shouldn’t be a stressful event. Make sure to prepare and pack any fragile items properly. Make sure your boxes are well sealed and that your movers use heavy duty moving boxes that are padded to avoid damage. These are basic moving tips that are often overlooked but can make the move easier on all parties involved.

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Refrigerator Moving Checklist For the first step in refrigerator moving, you need to mark all of the accessible doors and drawers in your new house. Mark all door locations where a cork door or sliding glass door will be found. You can do this with a permanent marker, or you may wish to utilize an invisible marker in areas that are hard to reach. You can also mark off all shelves, cabinets, and other interior areas in case you have to reconstruct any area. Once you’ve marked all of the doors and areas, take the time to secure them with tape, screws, or other securing devices so that nothing can just fall through.

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Refrigerator Moving Steps One through four, you can begin moving your appliance by using a dolly. You will want to choose a sturdy dolly, one that will be easy for your movers to handle. Many people choose to rent dollies from moving companies since they are often inexpensive and won’t break the bank. Choose a dolly that is large enough to accommodate the full length and width of your refrigerator. You will also want to check with your mover’s about how to lift and maneuver a large refrigerator.

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Refrigerator Moving Steps Five through eight, once your dolly is at your destination, you can start unloading it. Make sure that your movers have your old refrigerators empty before you begin. Do not fill the interior with ice; rather, fill it with water. Otherwise, the water could freeze and damage the interior of your new appliance.

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Refrigerator Moving Steps Nine through twelve, once your refrigerator is loaded, secure it into place, and turn it on, you are ready to begin your new life with your refrigerator intact. Occasionally, it will be necessary to align it; however, generally, if you follow these simple steps, there should be no need to align the unit at all. When moving a refrigerator, you must remember to avoid touching the moving parts. It is best to remove them periodically to let them cool off.

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