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The first step is to identify the appliance you want to move. In this case, I will identify my refrigerator. The Refrigerator Moving Checklist is designed to help movers identify and avoid obstacles while moving appliances from one floor of a commercial facility to another. The second step is to identify the appliance’s location on the floor. This is done by using a diagram that represents the location of each wall of the garage or store room so the movers know exactly where to place their equipment.

The third step is to secure all of the major parts of the refrigerator. This includes securing the doors, hinges, and any other parts that can be lifted. In addition, they need to take protective blankets, heavy duty plastic garbage bags, and any extra-fragile packing materials. The movers should also bring an extra large trash bag for disposal.

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Once all of the major parts are secured, the refrigerator is now safe from accidental damage. It is time to remove the appliance dolly. The dolly acts as a crutch or a platform that helps prevent the refrigerator from moving while in transport. It also helps protect the fragile flooring from damage due to the moving refrigerator.

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The refrigerator moving checklist lists the items that need to be taken to the garage or store room. For refrigerators, this includes the doors, hood, sides, and bottom. Appliances such as ice makers, stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators with water heaters, icemakers, pumps, and the like should be moved with a dolly. It is important for professional movers to protect all appliances from unnecessary damage. The movers should protect the doors, ducts, or ceiling with extra packing tape to prevent scratches or cracks from occurring.

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Before beginning the process of moving the appliances, it is important to check the status of the refrigerator. Refrigerator doors should remain shut and all windows closed. Any leakage should be repaired immediately. If an ice maker is in the refrigerator, it must be removed and the baking soda and water inside the appliance should be emptied. Professional movers can help with this process.

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As mentioned earlier, the refrigerator must be level. A professional refrigerator mover will use heavy-duty packing tape to level the refrigerator. This extra packing tape will ensure the refrigerator is well protected. In addition to leveling the refrigerator, the inside of the appliance should be covered with extra plastic to avoid damage due to spills or leaks. If there is an electrical problem in the refrigerator, a professional will use ratchet straps to help with securing the electrical components. Any wires or cables on the appliance should also be secured with ratchet straps.

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Refrigerator moving companies are equipped with special tools that allow them to easily move large refrigerators and ensure the best possible outcome. These tools include a dolly, truck with wheels, and a hydraulic arm. When choosing the method of moving a refrigerator, it is important to choose the service that offers safe, efficient moving services. The company should use high-quality packing tape for the walls and base of the fridge. For example, if the fridge is a vertical, flat item, tape the sides to avoid the base from collapsing.

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Refrigerator moving companies also offer the use of special attachments for fridges that make the process easier. These include ice dishing, cake dolly, and the kitchen counter dolly. Professional movers also have the experience needed to move sliding appliances and so can disassemble the refrigerator to better fit into the moving container.

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