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If you are wondering how to move a gun safe when you have to move it, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure that you do not end up with an unsafe gun or a gun that just isn’t going to go down easy. First of all, empty your gun safe before moving it. You can purchase gun safe moving equipment at a local moving supply store. This type of equipment will help move your gun safe without you having to put it under the duress of time and exhaustion moving it by yourself. The equipment will come with straps to help keep the gun safe while you move it.

Next, you should empty any ammunition, shells or buckshot from the gun safe. Empty the entire thing. You can use cardboard boxes, shopping bags or newspaper. Remember to label the boxes so you know what is inside them and to write the date and a message to anyone who may be needing your assistance. You may want to write a few moving tips down as well so you are not jumping around trying to figure out what needs to be done when you are moving a gun safe.

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When you have unloaded everything you can, then you are ready to unload. You may find that professional movers will be better prepared than you at this step. Either way, make sure that the professional movers are professionals and fully understand how to move gun safes safely. They will be the ones who will call the appropriate authorities for you. When you are calling the police or fire department, leave a message that includes what you are doing and asking them if they could help you. Let them know that you would like to learn more about gun safe moving and what you plan to do with the gun safe once it is in their custody.

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If you have heavy items to move, such as furniture or large boxes, then you need to have someone with experience move these items. If you do not have experience using site protection while moving a gun safe, then you need to practice on your own. Begin by setting up a secure spot in which to transport the safe and using site protection to keep it safe from falling or rolling. If the safe has windows, then you will want to use these too, but remember to use them carefully so no one gets hurt. Once the safe is safely on the truck, then you are ready to begin the actual move.

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One of the best gun safe moving tips involves using wheels. Moving a gun safe on flat surface can be very dangerous because of the unevenness of the ground. This can easily cause the safe to tip over. Using wheels allows you to roll the safe directly to the truck, and this prevents tipping over. It also allows you to rest the safe on the truck floor if you need to. This ensures that no one steps on the gun safe when you are moving it around.

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Once you have the gun safe in the truck, begin the actual move by uninstalling any packing materials so that they do not get caught up in the moving company equipment. Unpack everything inside the truck: in particular, disassemble the baseboards. Then, remove any foam padding that may be in place, as this can cause damage to the foam. You will also need to remove all cushions from inside the truck to prevent scratches and dents from occurring when you drive the truck around.

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Once the entire truck is empty, unload it onto the bed of the truck. If the wheels do not have removable pads, then you will need to take off the wheels and pad them before loading the gun safe onto the bed. Place the gun safe between the rear wheels, using a dolly to keep it firmly in place. Using long, flat sticks to support the gun safe while it is in place will prevent it from slipping around. Put small packets of tape on the sides of the bottom so that it does not touch the moving equipment.

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Once the safe is securely in place, you will need to move it onto the dollies. The safest way to transport a safe this way is using dollies. If you must move it by hand, use plywood or cardboard on the ground under the safe, and spread out large sheets of newspaper across the area that you plan to move it. Remove the padlocks on the doors of the safe while you are removing the padlocks, and place them in a secure spot far away from your work area. You will probably want to set up a propane or natural gas powered heater nearby in case you need to make a quick power transfer while your gun move.

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