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Are you one those that feel as though you could move your gun safe by yourself? Do you feel confident enough to do it? If so you may be wondering how to move a gun safe. The truth of the matter is that you would be doing yourself more harm than good if you attempt to attempt the move without proper training or the supervision of a professional. There are a few basic steps to take when moving a gun safe on your own. Moving Tips for Gun Safe Moving

Correctly Moving a Gun Safe The most important step when moving a gun safe is to make sure you use the proper tools. The proper tools to use are a dolly and moving truck. The dolly is designed specifically for moving gun safes with its slanted bottom design. Moving trucks are used to ensure that the safe is safely atop the moving truck.

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Why Use the Dolly/Movable Stepping Tote? The dolly is a great tool because it prevents you from using site protection while moving the safe on your own. Site protection is a must when attempting to move a heavy item on your own. A dolly and moving truck will prevent you from tripping over or slipping on loose heavy items that could cause serious injury if you were to move the safe on your own. This is especially important if the safe is extremely heavy. Always use the dolly and move it in a careful fashion so as not to hurt yourself.

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How to Move a Gun Safe Using Site Protection Also using the dolly and moving truck ensures that you will be protected from injury should you slip, fall, trip, or fall on any part of the gun safe. Make sure that you put on non-skid mats at all sides of the safe and on all floors. Never move the gun safe on your own, even if you have completed the proper steps. Hire a professional mover to properly transport and move your firearm and personal property this way.

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What Are the Perils Associated With Gun Safe Moving? While you are transporting your firearm and personal property using a professional mover, never assume that the item is adequately insured. This is particularly important for antique guns. If an accident occurs and you are not insured you could be out a large amount of money.

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How to Properly Insure an Antique Gun Safe While gun safe relocation is often an enjoyable project for gun lovers and collectors, it can also be a risky endeavor. If you are considering hiring a professional moving company to take care of the move for you, ask them about the insurance they carry. Not all companies will be as insured as others, so it is imperative that you ask specific questions about the kind of coverage they provide. If the company does not carry full insurance coverage for your antique firearm, then at least ask for a partial policy. Also, be sure to request the type of insurance the safe was made with as well as what additional coverage you will need.

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How to Properly Tradeshow Safely Tradeshow and flea markets are notorious for the items that get damaged during the move. Ask your tradeshow and flea market movers about the kind of insurance they carry. Most companies will provide some kind of policy in the event that something happens to a item on your behalf. Make sure the policies fit your needs exactly before agreeing to work with the tradeshow or flea market company.

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How Are Gun and Antique Gun Safe Moving and Storage handled? Once your antique firearm has reached your house, it needs to undergo gun safe transport. There are many different methods of transportation and storage for firearms that can be discussed with your movers. The safest way to transport a gun or firearms across state lines or to an interstate is by having a trusted gun and ammunition storage and transportation company handle the move for you. The trust and confidence that you have placed in the hands of the company you’ve hired to help protect your property during move or storage is one that cannot be violated once your possessions are in their possession.

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