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Moving your firearm safely and securely can ensure a safe relocation by: packing your firearm in its original box and using appropriate packing materials to prevent damage to your firearm. Gun owners know the importance of being responsible and storing their firearms in a secure location. Proper storage and transportation of your firearm can help minimize exposure to damage and accidental injuries. Moving guns can be difficult for professional movers and individuals without the proper tools and experience. By following the tips provided below, you can be assured that your firearm is moving with professional movers, while minimizing potential damage and accidents.

How to move a gun safe The first step when it comes to moving any type of safe or firearm is to pick a licensed and bonded moving company to move your safe. Moving companies will provide you with a free estimate based on the size and type of safe. You will also want to review the company’s record and reputation to ensure they will carefully pack and transport your firearm. Moving safe products that are too large or contain dangerous parts can pose a serious threat to anyone who is in the area.

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Stairs Are an unsafe place to move a gun safe! Always use a stairway to move a firearm from one floor to another. Professional gun safe moving service will use stairs to move guns and any other household items because it is safer and easier than elevators. A good tip to remember when transporting firearms up or down stairs is to keep them in an open box instead of wrapping them in heavy material.

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Make sure any fragile items are not loose in the moving truck or are secured tightly. expensive jewelry, watches, pictures, or other fragile items should be packed in heavy-duty plastic before the move. Heavy-duty gun safe moving tips also state that some fragile items such as dishes should be moved using a dolly rather than an actual box so they do not break. Dry ice is also a great moving option.

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Move heavy furniture: Gun safe moving experts recommend using a hydraulic dolly for long island moves. This makes the move easier because the dolly can slide along the floor. The hydraulically assisted rolling dolly can be controlled remotely and will move the safe in any direction, up or down, left or right. This feature will make the entire long island move quick and efficient. Gun safe moving companies also recommend the use of ramps when moving furniture.

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Decide whether you want a self-contained unit or a semi-contained unit: Do you prefer a fully-contained or semi-contained gun safe? A fully-contains unit is shipped with all your valuables already intact; this includes the gun and ammunition as well as locking devices. Semi-contained units are shipped with some of the contents already intact, but without the locking devices. If you have an older model safe, it might be best to choose the self-contained moving process.

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Ask the gun safe movers to evaluate the job prior to the move: There are many gun safe moving tips experts will tell you to contact them before the move. However, many people forget to do so and end up paying for damages during the move. Some gun safe movers even ask you to pay for the transport, when in reality, it would have cost less anyway. Ask the gun safe moving company how much they will charge for the move, what the rate will be and if there are any additional charges such as insurance and deposits. Rates can vary from one moving company to another so it is best to compare a few companies to see who will provide you with the most reasonable rates.

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Arrange for liability insurance: One important gun safe moving service tip would be to arrange for liability insurance coverage. Liability insurance protects you and the gun safe company in case a mishap occurs during the move. You may not think that you need this coverage, but without it, you could be sued for damages resulting from the miscalculation or injury. So, it would be best to make sure that you have this type of coverage during your gun safe moving service.

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