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Refrigerator Moving There are two ways to move a refrigerator. The first way is called dolly moving and the second way is known as the conveyor moving method. You have to choose which one to do by considering some factors. One of these factors is the size of the refrigerator and the other factor is the weight of the heavy items that you are going to move.

In the third step, after preparing all the things that you need to move, get ready your dolly and equipment. Get all the boxes that contain all the heavy items like pots, pans, cups, plates, etc. Some people prefer having a truck because it allows them to transport all the appliances without lifting them onto the dolly or using force. The truck has a platform at its back, where you will stand to load your appliances onto.

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Then, it is time to move your refrigerator. Here you have to be careful because the more the appliances weigh, the harder it is for the movers to move them. So, for the sake of your health and safety, wear light-colored clothing so that you don’t draw more attention to yourself. For heavy furniture sliders, get them dry cleaned before the movers start off with the process. This will protect the sliders from any damage caused during transportation.

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Start off with the unpacking phase by removing the refrigerator door from its frame. First of all, use your dolly to lift it up and put the shelves inside first before putting the refrigerator contents on the platform below. Then, put the top down. Make sure the baking soda is completely saturated in the door opening of the fridge.

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Next, put the cardboard over the door and secure it with the tape. You must make sure that the bottom of the box is even. You also need to make sure that the entire box is even. The reason for this is to avoid dropping any items inside on the way out. Also, make sure that the entire box is sealed so that you don’t risk dropping any valuable items on the way out.

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Now, the movers have to go ahead and lift up the fridge on the dolly. When they do so, the entire box has to be slid under the wheels of the dolly. Make sure that it is snugly fit inside the moving refrigerator. Make sure that the doors are closed tightly as you move it.

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Once the refrigerator is packed, you can now remove the ratchet straps. You need to do this because they could damage your fragile appliances. Once the ratchet straps are removed, take off all the doors and drawers inside the refrigerator. You should now put all the necessary equipment, including an empty pot, inside the refrigerator. Then, place all the contents back inside. You should also place the packing tape on top of the refrigerator and tape it very well.

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If you want to complete steps 3 successfully, it is imperative that you make sure that all the interior doors and drawers are open before you start lifting. This is so that the entire process goes smoothly. Before starting the move, you can also use a dolly. In this way, you won’t be sweating while carrying the heavy refrigerator. Once you successfully completed the first part, you can move on to step 4.

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